About me

Hi there, Im Jeff, I was born in the UK and came to the USA in 1989 on a two year assignment. My company decided to keep me so I have been living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area since that time. I also have a home in Cornwall UK which I like to visit often and while there I find myself way more productive because its just a lovely part of the world without the pace of SFBA. I love to cook hopefully some of my more successful recipes will make it to this site over time. Im a huge advocate of farm and water to table. A few years ago I wrote a fairly popular blog on the subject called the Cupertino Diet sadly life got in the way and this has long since become dormant. I also enjoy eating food as well as cooking it so you might see some reviews here too. Beer and wine are also a big interest of mine always happy to pass on tips.
Hope you enjoy this site if you are interested in what I do for a job then my checkout out my Resume
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